Promotion of interests

Student representatives

Student representatives (also known as Hallopeds) are students who represent all students in different parts of the university’s administration. The work of student representatives is very important as they pass on students’ opinions, feedback and development ideas.

The student union appoints student representatives to the Consistory, the Education Council and the Faculty Councils, for example. Any member of the student union can apply to be a Halloped in open applications. In addition, guilds, subject organizations, and faculty organizations appoint student representatives to different task forces on a faculty level.

You can read more about student representatives on TREY’s website

YKI currently has seven hallopeds. Hallopeds can be reached by email or via Telegram. Hallopeds’ responsibilities are intersecting so you can contact anyone of us regardless of the issue and we will point you in the right direction. You can also speak to the study sector of YKI and we will deliver your message to the representatives.

The faculty’s undergraduate degree planning group
Teemu Viitanen
Faculty’s steering group of education
Neela Walin
Development group of teaching (Y)
Annika Hakala
Development group of teaching (Y) (deputy)
Sara Nieminen
Development group of teaching (E)
Tommi Paavola
Development group of teaching (E) (deputy)
Taneli Väänänen
Faculty council (deputy)
Tommi Riihinen
Faculty council (deputy)
Aurora Pitkänen

Course feedback

YKI has own course feedback form, which is maintained by student representatives (hallopeds). You can leave feedback via the form or the feedback box in the guild. Hallopeds pass the feedback to the right people. Your feedback does not necessarily need to be of a specific course: you can also leave feedback on teacher tutoring and thesis supervision in the course feedback form and box. The course feedback box can be found on the guild room notice board.

Here is the link to the feedback form