What is a guild?

Ympäristöteekkarikilta ry (YKI) is the subject association of Environmental and Energy Engineering at Tampere University. Ympäristöteekkarikilta was founded in 1996. It is rooted in the legendary Eroosio founded in 1993, which was the environmental club of Tampere technical students. The guild’s age is traditionally calculated from this year. The guilds 300 members consist mainly of technical students from the Environmental and Energy engineering study program. We are connected by our willingness to act as technological embassadors for a more sustainable society.

To join as a member, you are required to pay the annual 5 Euro membership fee either to the guild’s bank account or at the guild room to a member of YKI’s board. By paying the membership fee, you are supporting guild activity which, for example, maintains the guild room and organizes fuksi activity, events and company visits. The guild acts in close cooperation with the teaching staff to develop existing courses and course selection. As a member you are included in the YKI mailing list, so you will be able to keep up with important upcoming events.

Guild room

The YKI Guild room is an oasis on campus, where all our members are welcome to rest between lectures or during the evening. In the Guild Room you can network, study, enjoy a cup of coffee or play card. YKI Guild Room K1727 is located in the guild corridor of Konetalo, accessible through the door between lecture halls K1702 and K1703. The guild room is intended for students to meet and relax. The guild room is a good place to keep up to date with current events and to get peer support, e.g. for schoolwork.

Sold in guild room
  • Overall patches (2e-3e/pcs)
  • Rasputin-song books (6e/pcs)
  • Coffee/tea/cocoa +milk
  • Soft drinks and sweets
Facilities in guild room
  • Exam archive (also online)
  • Guild library
  • Coffeemaker and water heater
  • Computer and printer
  • Projector
  • Microwave, fridge and freezer
  • magazines e.g. Donald Duck and Indikaattori
  • Games to borrow, e.g. kyykkä, croquet and board games