YKI is the environmental and energy engineers’ guild in the Tampere University of Technology (TUT). It was founded in 1996 but it´s root come from a group called “Eroosio” meaning erosion which begun in 1993. The age of the guild is counted from this movement. The guild currently consists of about 300 members and is ever expanding towards a durable development.

You can join the guild anytime by going to the guild room and asking a guild member to sign you up. The fee is 5 euros and lasts for the entire year. Alternatively, you can send the fee to this bank account (FI28 4510 7720 0270 44) and name it “Ympäristöteekkarikilta”. Make sure to also write your name and e-mail address on the check.

You will be put in the mailing list of YKI´s e-mails and receive valuable information concerning all sorts of events and happenings.

More info can be asked from our international coordinator:

Kiril Pejcov